Anemone might be the brainchild of Montreal’s Chloé Soldevila but it’s the chemistry between each band member that really brings the band to life. Recently, the band announced their debut album Beat My Distance on Luminelle Records, to be released onFebruary 15th.

Today, they are releasing a new song from the album entitled “She’s The One,” which follows on the heels of previously released singles “Daffodils” and “Sunshine (Back To The Start).” Speaking on the origins of the track, Soldevila explains:

“‘She’s The One’ is about two paradoxical tendencies/patterns in relationships and how they work against each other. The first one is where you become infatuated and idealize someone, thinking they are ”the one” until you really get to know them; the other tendency is to protect yourself and stay independent. Closing yourself off from getting to know someone and potentially missing out on a great connection. ‘She’s The One’ is the prequel to ‘Bout de toi’ although it’s being released after. The mood of it, the percussions; ‘She’s The One’ came together very quickly in the studio, as we had a strong desire for an upbeat, dancy song. It brought a new energy to our set which has really shaped our live show.”

Anemone formed after Soldevila met  Zachary Irving at a  show, then soon after Miles Dupire-Gagnon at a bar,  and he then introduced her to  Gabriel Lambert.  The musical connection was immediate,  and  he four began working on songs together soon  after. Samuel  Gemme was a friend and  sound engineer who worked on their recordings,  spending  so  much  time  in  the studio  with  them  that  he eventually  joined  the  band. The  final  lineup  of  Anemone was set.

“Something  happens  when  we’re  all  onstage  together,”  says  Dupire-Gagnon  “It’s really  special.  There’s  nothing  else  like  it.” Lambert  agrees.  “The  focus  of  the  live show  is  to  make  people  loose,  getting  them  to  dance,  breaking  people  out  of  their shyness.  Making  people  go  crazier  and  crazier  every  night.  Our  mission  was  to capture  that  feeling  on  the  record.”

Beat  My  Distance  plays  just  as  well  full-volume  on  a  stereo  as  it  does  through headphones, reminding  listeners  that  first  and  foremost,  Anemone  is  a  real  live band,  not  just  a  solo bedroom  studio  project.  This  is  music  to  be  blasted  from  car speakers  and  at  parties,  a communal  experience  intended  to  be  shared,  the  kind  of emotional  catharsis  that  can  pack  a dance  floor-sometimes  even  packing  the  stage as  well-  and  bring  an  entire  room  full  of strangers  together.” The  music  comes  from a  place  of  joy  and  freedom,”  says  Dupire-Gagnon “It’s  not  all  planned  out.  It’s  a party  for  real.”