New York underground punk rock band ALIENS released a new single entitled “Enjoy Killing Time,” officially unveiled Friday, 5/15.

“Enjoy Killing Time,” features ALIENS frontman Blake Sandberg on guitar and vocals and special guest drummer Hunt Sales. The two recorded this song at the end of the sessions for ALIENS debut album, Head First – recorded by Mark Younger-Smith in Austin, Texas.

Blake decided to hold off the release of this song because it felt different. “Now the timing seems right in this moment to release it today. With everyone wondering what will happen, and with so much uncertainty,” Blake said, “this song is strangely appropriate today as we are all searching for answers – a cure, a paycheck, a friend, some kind of relief.”

Blake made a video story in lockdown from his bathtub about “Enjoy Killing Time” that was accepted by “Song Stories” a COVID 19 project. If chosen, the song could be included in a compilation of 25 songs on 360 Reality Audio by Sony.

Listen to “Enjoy Killing Time” by ALIENS.