Alessia Cara

She’s already been shouted out by celebs like Taylor Swift, Tove Lo and Shawn Mendes — now, 19 year old Alessia Cara is finding herself busier than ever promoting her upcoming album Know It All.

As we speak, Alessia Cara is doing a “Here for 30” promo, where she visits different cities throughout the country and performs a sneak peek of her album for 30 minutes. “It’s the first set of shows that people are going to come and buy tickets for, so that’s pretty cool,” she comments.

Following her most recent single Here, Alessia plans to release Wild Things, a quintessential anthem for self-acceptance. “It’s almost like a part two to Here,” she says, “…it’s talking about a certain group of people that may feel like they don’t belong and (I’m) kind of saying it’s okay.”

The entire album was co-written with Sebastian Kole, a songwriter and artist from Birmingham, Alabama. Alessia reveals she wasn’t quite sure how things would work out when producers put the two strangers together, but goes on to say, “He taught me so much. It was a blessing to have him.” When writing songs with Sebastian, Alessia tells us that she usually started off with an idea for a chorus, and then figured out a melody after. “It was awesome,” she says, “…the whole album, just me and him (writing).”


Naming this album was one of the toughest things for Alessia. “I knew I wanted it to be a word or a phrase that represented all of the songs, but I couldn’t figure (it) out…” She goes on to say that it wasn’t until listening to her song Seventeen that she knew. “There’s one line in the bridge ‘I’m a know it all, I don’t know enough…’ (Seventeen). It’s a bit of a sarcastic spin,” she says, “…each song is so opinionated or has a strong emotion. As a teen, sometimes we think we know everything and try to have all of the answers, but in reality we know nothing at all.”

The album will consist of 12 songs, and although an official release date has yet to be announced, Alessia tells us it will be late Fall for sure. “I’m excited to get it out,” she comments, “I like that people can understand and relate to what I’m saying.”

There’s a quote by Arthur Ashe that has become somewhat of a motto for Alessia: ‘Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can. “It just tells you that even if you start from nothing, you do whatever you can to make things work. Everytime I think I can’t do something I just remember that and figure it out…”

We have no doubt that we’ll be spotting Alessia in the future performing at the Grammy’s and accepting multiple awards as a singer song-writer and performer! Her upcoming album Know It All is said to be released this Fall through Def Jam Recordings and Universal Music!

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