Written by Ashley Friedman

Today, we’re so excited to premiere an exclusive dance video for Alana Springsteen’s “Always Gonna Love You.” The latest video is made up of dancers from Millennium Dance Complex out of Nashville, TN and of course, stars Alana herself.

The video begins with Alana standing amongst the dancers. There’s all but two kneeling down as Alana’s words flow effortlessly out:

“I don’t know who we’ll be in a couple years / But  I don’t wanna think a second past this minute.” 

The two dancers mimic the lyrics by dancing freely amongst the others, almost weightless. If you listen to “Always Gonna Love You,” you will understand why the piece was choreographed like this. There are no sudden movements, no pop n’ locks, it was meant to feel light like the song, like a moment that takes your breath away brought to life through music, and in this case, movement.

“It was such a dream getting to work with the dancers at Millennium Dance Complex to make my song ‘Always Gonna Love You’ come to life. This is something I’ve never done before and I had such an incredible experience throughout the whole process!”

Alana Springsteen

“How are you in my head / how is this night so perfect,” Alana sings as the dancers sway back and forth. For whatever reason, all I keep picturing is Alana standing in a field of sunflowers. Their beauty is uncanny, even swaying in the wind. It’s here that the idea of falling in love comes to life; it’s beautiful, but it’s a mix of emotions that, like a flower swaying in the wind, needs to find its balance.

There’s always that one person that no matter who you end up with, they’ll always have a special place in your heart. Maybe it’s your first love, maybe it’s not. But, this person — they made you feel something different for the first time — they introduced you to love. For me, Alana Springsteen’s “Always Gonna Love You,” throws me right back to that moment; grade school, hazel eyes, freckled skin and a kind heart, I’ll always remember you.

There’s one point that really stands out to me in this video – 2:55. As you listen to the song, you hear Alana’s confidence grow in the lyrics. It’s at 2:55 that Alana is struck by the words, bending back into a trust fall position with the dancers behind her for support. She then bounces back up, grabbing hold of the moment as she repeats the chorus…

“I will always be in love with who you are tonight /

I will always be in love with who you are /

Right here, right now, with me tonight /

And I will always see you like this, reckless, fearless /

You’re tellin’ me for the first time /

I’m always gonna love you.

Watch the dance video for “Always Gonna Love You” from Alana Springsteen below:

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