The highly anticipated music video for “Alien” from artist, Adara, has been released! The video’s terrestrial-themed storyline speaks to those who have ever experienced alienation, in day-to-day life or more serious scenarios such as bullying or abuse.

Adara has support from acts like The Chainsmokers and Armin van Buuren, has opened for Seven Lions, Illenium and Prince Royce, and has over 18 million views on YouTube. In a world of over-sexualized leading ladies and a drug-infected pop culture, Adara is a role model for youth, preaching individuality and self-love. 

Watch the new “Alien” music video on Youtube!

A mysterious pop anthem, the “Alien” music video is inspired by a social media campaign started by Adara called #keepgoing. The artist asked her fans to share memories with her of moments they have felt alienated. The response was overwhelming and hundreds of stories of bullying, abuse and even rape poured in.

In the video, Adara wears a white suit covered with these stories hand-written in Sharpie in an effort to honor these fans and their courage. “Alien” is about knowing there are others out there who feel the same, are going through traumatic experiences and finding inner self-worth through it all.   

“I’ve always wanted to stand up for the underdog,” says Adara. “People go through incredibly hard things, and now I know many are my fans whom I love dearly. I want to support them and for them to know they are not alone.”

In an effort to spread her message, Adara speaks at anti-bully and suicide prevention organizations and at local schools. 

Listen to “Alien” on Spotify here.

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