Abby and The Myth Releases Melodic Single “Best Mistakes”

Review by Giovanna Citro

Indie folk rock band Abby and The Myth has recently released their latest single “Best Mistakes.” The song reminds us that some things we initially see as mistakes, turn out to be the things that make us who we are and bring us joy as a result.

Many of the lyrics in “Best Mistakes” reference the hardships of moving forward and recovering from the many obstacles that life throws at us. In one verse she says, “I’m tired of looking back/regretting things I could’ve had.” You can feel the hurt in her voice, however, she is desperately trying to move forward and see the positive aspects of life.

The song begins with the sound of crickets and the easing sound of the acoustic guitar that sets the tone before the vocals begin. The entire melody of the song is soothing and is one that sucks the listener into a different world, preparing you for a burst of strong vocals. This particular kind of melody sticks with you and is easily remembered by the listener. Abby’s voice is powerful, in that it is both calming and haunting at the same time. Her voice immediately grabs the attention of the listener, and forces them to feel her words rather than just hear them. This is an incredibly important aspect of the song.

On the radio we hear many “hit” songs that lack lyrical imagination and primarily focus on the superficial aspects of life. The lyrics of “Best Mistakes,” however, are the most important part of this song. Abby uses the future and growing old as a triumphant journey. The main line of the chorus, “Don’t you want to grow old and celebrate your best mistakes,” grabs the attention of the listener in a way that makes them reflect on their own life. In many ways, people are told to avoid making any kind of mistake, but her use of the word “celebrate” brings to light the positivity that can come from growth and truly accepting your mistakes as they make you who you are. She takes the listener on an emotional journey referencing the feeling of getting knocked down, (“Fall winds will blow South/knock me off and keep me down”) but never giving up, (“There’s no looking back/only building on what we have”).


“Best Mistakes” has incredible lyrics and captures the listener’s attention in a way that leaves them wanting more.

Listen to “Best Mistakes” here.

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