After years of being out of the music scene, 5SOS surprised us with a very pop-esc song titled, ‘Want You Back’ and no — it doesn’t sound like Cher Lloyds! The latest track is the lead single from their highly anticipated upcoming third studio album.

The lyrics of ‘Want You Back’ are very straight-forward, like most of the band’s songs, reminiscent of a time when you fell in love and for whatever reason, fell out of it. Throughout the song you get the vibe that there is a never-ending feeling of wanting what you can’t have with the lyrics:

“Even when I say I’ve moved on, yeah, I still dream for you” and “No matter where I go, I’m always going to want you back.”

Just like their hit singles ‘She Looks So Perfect’ and ‘Amnesia’ the boys never fail to remind us how beautiful it is to fall in love, even if that love falls apart. We think that, ‘Want You Back’ will one of many songs to describe the aftermath of falling in love, moving on and growing up.

The band hasn’t announced the official release date of their third studio album, but fans are anxiously waiting, as are we! Check out the latest #5SOS single ‘Want You Back’ on Spotify.