For five years, I’ve been behind closed doors, editing, crafting, masterminding the idea of Elicit Magazine. I never knew it would come as far as it has. I never dreamed it. To sit here today and have 100s of submissions come across my desk, artists that hope, dream, love the idea of being a musician in today’s industry is a lot to take in. I have to remind myself that this is what I started and that very reason is why I started it. Yes, it can get overwhelming. But you know how you feel when you make that ONE song that just … ugh… it takes your breath away, it flies above the rest, it’s your heart, your soul and your baby? That’s how I feel about Elicit.

I used to be in your shoes. Ha! Honestly, writing to P.R. agencies, huge record labels introducing myself and the publication, I still am. But, there’s a level of confidence that you reach after so many successes that you begin to tell yourself, I can really do this… I mean, I’m doing this. I think it’s the same for musicians. Your craft might take a long time to construe, but once you get your name out there, put in the work to get your music out there, your level of confidence will begin to follow.

After five years of manually going through submissions, I can give you a few tips of what turns an editor on and off. I’m not tenured quite yet, but I’m on my way.

1st Tip: Give Me Your Story

Whether you’re sending in a promotion for your music through a contact form, email or socials… please introduce yourself. We get way too many submissions with a name and a link. I want to know in 100 words what YOUR story is. I’m not just paying attention to the music. And with that, you might say, “what? Ashley that’s crazy, what are you doing?” But the truth is… to stand out in THIS industry, you HAVE to have a story. Now, it doesn’t mean you helped your Grandma survive until she was 97 or you saved someone out of a burning house, but tell me who YOU are. I believe in the musician as much as I believe in the person behind the music.

2nd Tip: Be Professional

It goes without saying (but, I guess I’ll say it anyways). Spell your name correctly and the words you use along with it. When I see grammer that’s incorrect, words that are spelled wrong, I skip directly over the submission. We all talk a certain way, I get it. But, if you want me to pay attention to your music, I have to be able to take you seriously. Start by taking yourself seriously. Use “business” instead of “biz,” use “this” instead of “dis.” You get it, right?

3rd Tip: Details, Details, Details

When you send in a submission, give me some examples of where your music was featured, when was the release date or if it’s in the future when is the release date. Send me your website, your socials channels, your spotify, soundcloud, everything. If an artist doesn’t have a live performance on YouTube… I tend to skip over it. I look for the true artists, not the artists that can use a computer to manipulate their voice and their beats. Elicit Magazine prides itself on finding amazing musicians, we don’t just promote anybody.

If you want to follow these steps and are an amazing up and comer with amazing music and an amazing story (any story is amazing, right?), please submit your music to

Until then, cheers!

-Ashley Friedman