Pop-soul artist Zach Maxwell releases new EP album “Music for Life.” The Denver- based, multi-instrumentalist, producer, songwriter and vocalist delivers a 7-track body of work combining psychedelic funk, gospel, and dance beats with contemporary-pop energy and soulful songcraft.

Written, produced and performed by the artist himself, Maxwell documents a revelatory experience to provide something for everyone who listens, with the intention of exploring higher realms of consciousness through music.

“I want to make people dance. All Chakra’s firing at the same time,” said Maxwell. “I want people at my shows to have an experience that’s more than music. I want it to be magic.”

“Music for Life” incorporates danceable, instrumental, electronic-inspired melodies, with underlying themes of love, sex, religion, and drugs. Finally delivering pop music with a spiritual message. Standout records include ‘Wonder of the World’ (track 3), providing a groovy dance and house/funk tone. and ‘Emotions’ (track 6 and lead single), a romantic soulful and sexual vibe. Synth of Eden described ‘Are You?’ (track 4) as, “an excellent jazzy track, perfect for chilling, that Kind of Blue vibe for laying down and blazing.”

“Music for Life” is available now on digital music outlets, including Spotify, Apple/iTunes, Amazon, and Soundcloud. Check out the cover art and tracklist below. For unreleased tracks, show and tour updates etc., subscribe to Zach Maxwell’s mailing list on the homepage of his website: www.zachmaxwellmusic.com.

On Friday August 17, Zach Maxwell will be headlining “Soul On Broadway” @ Syntax Physic Opera in Denver, Colorado. The night will consist of live performances and visual art from some of Denver’s hottest Soul and Hip Hop artists.