Yasmeen, the singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles, CA, releases her anticipated track “Fixated.”

Yasmeen has given us Adele-like vibes previously, on her popular ballads, “Half of Me” and “Said U Would.” However, this time around, Yasmeen dives more into a Pop fusion of upbeat tempos – giving another glimpse of her artistic range.

A top new artist on Spotify, Yasmeen currently has well over 4M streams and continues to shine. Many can hear her music on television shows like Being Mary Jane and Love Island. “Fixated” was written by Yasmeen & her music partner Rashied Arekat. The duo worked with producers Andre Vazquez Riverio and Distant Cousins to complete the infectious song.

When asked what inspired her to write “Fixated”, she stated, “I was blinded by a love that wasn’t enough and fixated on what could’ve been us.”

Listen to “Fixated” here.