Ghost Cult is currently streaming Brittle Bones, the impending fourth full-length from Norwegian post hardcore collective WOLVES LIKE US. The stream comes on the eve of the record’s release via Pelagic Records. 

Writes Ghost Cult, “One of the most compelling albums deserving your attention on tomorrow’s massive New Music Friday is WOLVES LIKE US and their new opus Brittle Bones… The new record is the culmination of their hard work and songcraft, living at the intersection of a ton of choice genre influences, a punker’s rage, and modern nuance.” 

Adds the band, “We built this record brick by brick, took the mortar from the ’90s alt rock classics and mixed it with the concrete of punk rock – the result was a graffitied punk squat inhabited by shady sailors. Enjoy.”Stream WOLVES LIKE US’ Brittle Bones, courtesy of Ghost Cult, at THIS LOCATION.