After teasing their forthcoming album release with the RnB/ Pop-tinged track ‘Vogue’, Copenhagen duo WIINSTON unveil their highly anticipated sophomore album, “JELLYFISH”.

With the new, 11 track body of work set for release on June 14th, the pair add to a growing discography of previous hits including ‘Rosa’, ‘Canada’ & ‘Angelina’, as they continue to solidify their presence as one of the hottest rising acts in Europe.

Speaking on the new project, WIINSTON state: “We decided to take a lot of chances on this album and chose to use all of our original ideas from the writing process. It’s less polished and more impulsive. This album is mostly for ourselves, but we hope it’ll resonate with others too.”

Made up of singer Daniel Richards and producer Alfred Thomas, the duo provide a versatile, stripped back and acoustic vibe throughout, evolving from their powerful stance as an introductory act to the scene with their debut project, “MIDNIGHT ROCKET” in 2018.

The album as a whole is a representation of the relationship between life and death, with WIINSTON taking the listener on a cinematic journey, developing from the R&B-Pop laced production on ‘Vogue’ and the mellow vibes on ‘Positive’, to the striking and melodic harmonies on ‘Wylin’ to the dreamy, strings-led instrumental of forthcoming single release and focus track ‘Kill’, where the sparse production created purely by the dreamy ukulele allows for the character and uniqueness of Richards’ vocal timbre to really be appreciated.  It’s a more mature, vulnerable and melodic outlook across the album, released just six months after their hard-hitting debut. 

This forthcoming release builds on the already credible support they’ve received nationally and across tastemakers including THE LINE OF BEST FIT, HILLYDILLY, RED BULL and EARMILK. WIINSTON’s unabashed and freeform approach to their art continues to gain plaudits, positioning them as a serious, evolving force in the scene.