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Stafford-based rock band Weston Rd has shared the music video for the single “Take You Down.” The video was directed by Damien Sandoval (Pia Mia, Kahlani, Kamaiyah, Quavo Huncho, Tyga, En Vogue, Little Kim) and the creative producer was Miss Vivianna (DMX, Rudimental, M.O, Little Mix) who both had a vision of getting across the grit and authenticity of Weston Rd’s performance.

The band have played alongside Drowning Pool and Soil’s Ryan McCombs, Hell’s Addiction, Theia, Fragile Things, The Jokers, Mason Hill and Wolf Cellar, and received support from Hard Rock Hell Radio as well as CLASH Magazine. Weston Rd are also sponsored and endorsed by Marshall, Eden, Sire Revolution, Zildjian, and Natal. The single was produced by the band and executive producer Troy Antunes who has worked with Justin Timberlake, Anastasia and is currently part of the vocal coaching team at The Voice UK.

Weston Rd are a 3 piece rock band made up of lead singer/guitarist Joe Blanks, Leon Philipsen on bass guitar, and Jake Brown on drums. Their name is derived from the street on which their home studio is situated in the county town of Stafford.

Music was a part of all of their lives from the beginning. Leon, coming from a musical family of five, learnt violin first before moving on to the bass. With a mother playing classical piano and a father embracing the acoustic guitar, it was par for the norm when Joe was handed a toy drum kit at two years old and a full-sized drum kit at three years old. Jake too was wildly enthusiastic about drums with his passion pushing him to perform on stage at a drum clinic with Chad Smith (Red Hot Chilli Peppers) and Steve White (Paul Weller) before going on to study at the Royal College of Music in London.

Citing influences as diverse as Black Sabbath to an affinity for hip-hop, Weston Rd’s alternative rock sound is comparable to Royal Blood meets Foo Fighters with the driving force of Avenged Sevenfold. “Take You Down” is a whirlwind of pounding drums, delivered with a full-on dose of guitar and fierce vocals. Effective in its brutality, this is pure primal rock – as melodic as it is bludgeoning. 

The music video takes place in two prominent locations – a set of ruins in the English Countryside, and the venue of a gig where they are performing. The two contrast well, with ruins providing the perfect formal setting for a video and the gig allowing us to see a little more of the true personalities of the band members coming through. The result is an expertly shot piece that leaves you wanting to hear more of the music and get to know the band members better over a beer.  

Weston Rd explain the track’s origins “‘Take You Down’ is our first ever single and also the first song ever written with the band in mind, even before Weston Rd was Weston Rd! As it was then, the band was dealt a nasty blow by someone close to us. Just a few hours later, all of the emotion and thoughts that were provoked resulted in ‘Take You Down.’ You can kind of call it group therapy so we hope that it will be group therapy for all those that get to listen to it too!’

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