November 8, 2019 (Los Angeles, CA) – Quirky songstress WENS just blessed us with new track “Rich & Famous.” Watch HERE. Released via R&R/Warner Records, “Rich & Famous” follows her first song “Cinderella” which tackled a little thing called, you guessed it, The Cinderella Complex.

Both are from her forthcoming debut EP. “Rich & Famous” follows the honesty of her first release and proves to be an irresistible sing along. The accompanying lyric video sees the singer bringing her lyrics to life with the help from a kitchen essential – tin foil.  

Listen to “Rich & Famous” HERE

Watch “Rich & Famous” Lyric Video HERE

“Growing up in LA has definitely had its pros and cons,” said Wens of the song. “It’s the city of stars but also the city where lots of peoples’ dreams never come true. I’ve constantly had this feeling of pressure to fit a certain mold to reach higher levels of success– but at the same time questioning what does success even mean? I used this song as an outlet for my frustrations about that struggle, making fun of the idea that you’re either rich & famous or a nobody.”