BOSTON, MA | AUGUST 17TH, 2018 – An aptly named record, “Armory” is the debut EP release by pop punk quartet Wave Break, fronted by lead vocalist Kelly Barber, out TODAY. The 6-song collection, centrally themed around confronting your demons head on, uses a wide range of metaphors for a variety of different weapons, stemming inspiration for the title “Armory.” Barber, also the band’s lyricist, has embarked on a long journey to reach this release; originally a solo artist, she transitioned to Wave Break on a mission to front a project that accurately reflected her musical inspirations and passions.

All 6 songs on the track were written about the different facets of experiencing personal doubt, persevering, and introspection. Primarily a pop punk record, Wave Break’s sound, most definitively showcased on the final track “Circles,” is a spot on representation of their live show; straight-forward, raw, and authentic. With production kept to a minimum, “Armory” can clearly put the band’s instrumental talents on display, as well as the integrity in Barber’s vocals. About the release of “Armory”, the band states:

“The name Armory came from the fact that most of the songs on the EP have lyrics that are somewhat violent in nature. They refer to guns, bombs, and fires, and use those as metaphors to compare to inner struggles or disputes with other people. The message of the EP is essentially to put down your weapons and talk to people as people, but when it comes to dealing with yourself, you should do what you’ve gotta do to overcome your demons.” 

Wave Break, a metaphorical term meaning to overcome adversity, is an apt name for the newly-formed Boston-based band. Founded in April 2017 by lead singer/rhythm guitarist Kelly Barber, their lyrics centralize on the theme of standing up to societal or social barriers. The band blends elements of post-hardcore, pop punk and emo rock for a sound that’s all their own. Since then, the band has opened for artists such as Oh, Weatherly (Hopeless Records) and Centerfolds (CI Records), been featured on the Undiscovered Sound, and featured in many press articles and Spotify playlists.

Their second single “Plaster City,” an anthem about standing up for yourself against those who try to tear you down, released on February 16th and was immediately added to regular rotation on idobi Radio. The music video for the song premiered on New Noise Magazine and quickly garnered over 2K views. The band will release their debut 6-song EP “Armory” on August 17th and tour the northeast in support of it. “Armory” is available NOW.

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