Milwaukee Singer/Songwriter/Producer – Aaron Mustas – who goes professionally by Waley Brown –  released his 2nd major album of 2019, called SUB ROSA  and it’s free to download on Bandcamp.

Dark, ambient, and soulful, this album is a beautiful manifestation of an introverted artist’s mind and talent, as he remains “under the rose” in the music industry.

24 years old and already with over 2,000 personal recordings, and hundreds of songs over a 10 year span, has just recently stepped into the serious role of Music Production.

From Grunge to Psychedelic to Folk and Alt Rock, his focus in the past was more on the songwriting aspects and the jamming, and less on the producing and marketing side of the business.

In 2018, Waley Brown found himself withdrawing from the live music scene, and the public in general, and has dedicated his time to not only songwriting, but producing and mastering, and exploring the vast world of electronic sounds.

With 8 or so years as a lead guitarist, singer, and frontman, recording on handhelds and basic music editing programs, moving into the production world was “exciting and refreshing…. and relatively simple.

With colossal songwriting and performing experience, he has an edge on creating and producing a unique – new and modern sound – that is pure, emotional, and original.

The newest album SUB ROSA is considered by him to be his “magnum opus,” his greatest work, along with the album just prior, called SILK.  The struggles of mental health and paradoxical nature of his life and his past, and lack of success, have been an urgent inspiration and motivator for these projects, and you can hear the angst and depression quite profoundly.

All instruments, lyrics, vocals, and sounds were performed by Aaron, as well as one hundred percent of the recording, producing, and mixing. He also gave his own home studio the name “Ghostly Hill Records” and uses it as his personal record label, under which he releases the albums himself to CD baby, Bandcamp, and Soundcloud.  

So far, 2019 has been a monumental year for Waley Brown, creatively and professionally,  gaining a few features on indie blogs and playlists.  Indie Rock Cafe had featured two of his songs, “Will You Dance With Me?” and “A Valentine’s Day”  as “Best New Indie” for May 2019, and included a respectful few paragraphs about his music and DIY style.

You can listen and follow Waley Brown here:

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