Review by Jamie Glenn

The minute the beat drops to Vudajé’s newest single “Roleplay” you’ll want to dance the night away. “Roleplay” is the follow up to Vudajé’s 2017 four-track EP Mood. This new single echos a complex balance of piano and electronic drum-driven scatches, concocted with a lyricism that is sexy and playful enough that will have you asking yourself, are you in? Cause “welcome to your preview.”

‘Roleplay’ is uptempo, yet chill enough to play in almost any backdrop. The song really comes into focus and floods listeners with emotion during moments like, “I’m just tryin’ to draw the curtain for you in high definition.” This slight break in the song allows for listeners to catch the slight, but smooth play on words. Vudajé is most relatable when singing lines like, “Don’t hold on to this cause we’re on the same wavelength. Less than, more than friends.” These lyrics are where Vudajé demonstrates his most vulnerable state of love; The back and forth emotions are best displayed in lyrics like, “At the edge of desire, what you gonna do to get higher. I want to see you uncensored, let’s lose ourselves.”

Vudajé style represents a young Robin Thicke while still managing a soft and playful vocal delivery much like the sounds of Michael Buble; It’s slow, it’s catchy, and it leaves you wanting more of his playful and catchy balance. “Roleplay” has a playful song structure much like the songs on Vudajé’s 2017 EP Mood that carry an upbeat, playful feel. Listeners can hear how  Vudajé has grown intermittently and lyrically by comparing the EP to the latest single “Roleplay.”

“Roleplay” is the kind of song you can’t help but listen to. Vudajé is an artist who deserves to be heard, far and wide because we’ve all fallen in love, we’ve all been in the friend zone, so why not listen to some good music that perfectly represents how we’re feeling.

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