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Produced, engineered, and mixed by Brett Romnes at The Barber Shop Studios with artwork done by Daniel Moraniel.

“Better” is speaking to my friends, my family, my wife, the people that come to see me sing. In the end, when I have no more breath, have I brought joy? Have a made you proud? I’ve made so many mistakes in my life. We all have. I want to be doing everything right until I die, to begin to make up for the wrongs. I want to continue to grow and be there for you.”- Vinnie Caruana

Speaking about what inspired AGING FRONTMAN, his most accomplished and poignant solo release to date, Vinnie Caruana has this to share: “This is as personal as I’ve ever been with the listener. The people who listen to my music know me. I’ve personally met most of them at shows and we have a relationship. This is just another layer. I’m still looking for answers. We all are. We have to keep finding the beauty in life, no matter how hard life can sometimes make it for us. I want to keep being the best version of myself until I die.”

This never-ending desire to find and hold on to beauty and peace of mind, despite the chaos and frequent ugliness of the world we all live in, is something that has always inspired Caruana to write and perform music, and to connect with his fans.

Due out October 4, 2019, on Know Hope Records in the US and Big Scary Monsters in Europe/UK, AGING FRONTMAN is without a doubt the finest distillation of that ethos, and of Caruana’s formidable talent as a singer/songwriter. “I wanted it to be a bit dreamier without losing a firm connection to the bare bones and firm structures of the songs,” Caruana says. “This is certainly my finest achievement out of anything in my solo career, sonically. Brett Romnes and I got on the level and rode a really fun wave together in the studio.”

Romnes’ role went well beyond performing on the record as well. “Along with playing the drums,” Caruana explains “Brett also produced and mixed the record. He’s a supremely talented producer and has always innately understood my vision. We recorded at Barber Shop Studios in New Jersey, which is world-class facility with incredible vintage gear that we made full use of on this record.”

But above all, Caruana confides, “These songs are medicine for me in my quest to attain mental health. I want my fans to know that I’m OK. I want them to know that I know that we are all in a battle and that we have no choice but to win.” This sentiment is at the very root of AGING FRONTMAN: despite all the challenges and setbacks that life deals any of us, Caruana is committed to pushing himself creatively, to living fully and to forging ahead. And with the songs he shares on his new record, he’s inviting all of us to walk alongside him on his journey, head held high, regardless of whatever life tries to throw his way.

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