Valiant has recently released their new single, “Down In Flames” which features LOUUD. This track has an infectious sound and passionate lyrics that morph together to create one heck of a powerful song.

The track begins with upbeat instrumentals that ease the listener into the song. Throughout the entirety of the song, the instrumentals flow perfectly with the vocals which keeps the listener engaged. The vocals are incredibly pristine. The instrumentals form the kind of tune that is easy to remember which is one of the most positive qualities of the track. They are engaging and compelling throughout the song, and keep the listener eager for more.

The lyrics, however, are the highlight of the track as the band’s emotions come to the surface through every verse. They expressively sing lyrics like, “It’s hard to stay behind while you move on and I pretend I’m fine.” Their words give off a sense of pure honesty and vulnerability that lets the listener understand the song on a deeper level.
One line reads, “Even though you poison me you’re the oxygen I breathe,” telling us that even though they know this person may not be suitable for them, they can’t picture their life without them.

The hook has an addictive aspect to it that becomes unforgettable, especially with the line, “We all go down in flames.” One verse reads “I just wanna know what you’re running from/ I never really meant to hurt anyone.” The expressiveness of the lyrics creates a strong connection between the listener and the song itself.

“My body feels so cold/Can’t sleep when I’m alone.” This line is extremely emotional and honest, as the song exposes the vulnerable side of the singer. The honesty in the lyrics let the listener genuinely form a connection with this track, forcing them to truly understand her emotions.

Valiant’s “Down In Flames” ft. LOUUD is both catchy and expressive. The compelling vocals, upbeat instrumentals, and powerful lyrics form an extraordinary track.

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