Review by Jamie Glenn

Australian Punk Rock band Trophy Eyes returns with their newest album The American Dream and shows off a different side of Trophy Eyes, with a mix of both old and new sound, much different than previously released works like 2013’s album Everything Goes Away.

We first got a true glimpse of Trophy Eyes in 2016, with their breakthrough album “Chemical Miracle.” The album really brought many listeners on board with the delivery of what would later crown them as the raspy and grungy kinds of indie punk rock. The purpose of artistry though, is to grow and evolve in which the five piece has done just that with this most recent album The American Dream.

Even though we somewhat say goodbye to the more aggressive side of this group in this album, it’s important to highlight the lyrical content provided by frontman John Floreani who’s distinct sound and delivery is what has shaped this five piece into what it is now. Over the last three albums, we’ve heard a Floreani that is progressively much more confident in how he’s delivering the lyrical content, especially throughout The American Dream in closing moments like “I Can Feel It Calling.”

Tracks like “Miming In The Choir” will give legacy fans a glimpse of what they are longing for with its “U2” style voice choir, echoes and instrumentals, but when paired alongside slower moments like in “A Cotton Candy Sky” listeners are really given a much more diverse and complex view into what Trophy Eyes has to offer not only as indie rockers, but intellectuals in a band.

In the vane of sad, intellectual songs, we have more to choose from this record than compared to previous releases, but “Tip Toe” takes the cake when it comes to showcasing Trophy Eyes’ soft side.

The leading single “ You Can Count On Me” had so many pumped for this release and for good reason with its classic Trophy Eyes sound mixed with their iconic lyrical content. This track is the perfect song for both new and old listeners, its edgy enough to be a Trophy Eye track while having enough pop influence to capture the more casual listeners in the scene.

Even though this new release may have so many on the fence, it’s definitely still a step in the right direction for the group. The level of emotion within the lyrics is still heavy hitting while subtly acknowledging the softer pop punk ears. It’s everything that you could want in an album so before you cut it short, give it a listen.

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