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Trapdoor Social is feeling its way through an increasingly strange and dangerous world with its own brand of earnest, hot-blooded, independent alternative rock. With its origins in a college environmental studies program, the band has a record of fundraising and activism to promote sustainability. 

The Los Angeles-based trio has toured across the globe, produced solar-powered concerts and festivals, and reached ears through terrestrial radio, commercial & television syncs, and online streaming, including Spotify’s “Discover Weekly.” The band is now releasing music that will comprise their second full-length album, including their singles, “Truth,” “The Move,” “The Lie,” and “Hold Me Down,” which was voted onto the KROQ’s first Locals Only Vinyl this year. 

Their unique blend of fiery alternative rock with powerful lyrics have captivated listeners leading to a dedicated fanbase and critical acclaim. 
Trapdoor Social is a Los Angeles band with a mission.  “The Lie” is out now.

Upcoming tour dates:
August 24: Hermosa Summer Series, CA 

August 15-18: Echo Park Rising, CA