Solo artist Tracy Bryant may not have all the answers, but without a doubt, he’s got a lot to say. Bryant stands in direct opposition with his native Los Angeles, a city known too often for its superficial facade.

Bryant does what he wants and always has. Inspired by artists like Alex Chilton, Lou Reed, R.E.M. and Cass McCombs, his timeless words ring refreshingly honest and true while being embedded into a sound that is undeniably modern

Tracy Bryant first gained recognition in 2011 as founder and front man of the LA band Corners. Corners became a staple of the local underground music scene with their highly regarded live shows and three well-received releases. Corners toured the U.S. and Europe extensively before Bryant decided to end the band in early 2016 to fully focus on his solo endeavors.

Now with three solo albums under his belt and songs that have appeared everywhere from Riverdale to M. Night Shyamalan Glass. Bryant is back with a new single “Drag.” Ethereal and melodic “Drag” may be one of the catchiest songs of the summer with its driving kraut-style drumbeat, hypnotic guitars and rhythmic bass line.

A one-off song adventure for Bryant. It’s the result of the collaboration between Tracy, producer Kyle Mullarky (Growlers, Allah Las) & drummer Nick Murray (White Fence, Cate Le Bon).

“The song became something truly unexpected from where it began. We each brought in different elements musically, Nick with his drums and claves, the chorus of which we all simultaneously played acoustic guitars [including Brian Allen (Burnt Ones) who also played bass on the chorus] and Kyle’s bass line on the verses. I played the lead guitar & organ and added the vocals much later as it lingered as an instrumental song for quite a while.” -Tracy Bryant

The 7” is backed with the opus What I Get, the beautiful string-laden and vocal carried song which masterfully balances this release. The record is limited to 300 copies released by the artistically curated label Taxi Gauche Records.

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Cover photo: Tracy’s dad