Los Angeles – Steering away from the current R&B trend in music, artist Tiara Monet has decided to bring back the 90s and reinvent West Coast R&B, but with a twist.

After researching music therapy from drinking a glass of Hennessy, Tiara decided to use binaural beats, which is a fascinating and emerging form of sonic therapy where studies show it has “stress relief” and “anxiety cure.”

“I’m giving a new wave to R&B providing vibes, science and harmonies with relatable issues that you can feel and talk about, especially over a drink,” Monet said. “The music video shows LA culture, and the song displays R&B’s new upcoming sound in LA.”

In the music video, the eccentric, sultry singer orders a bottle of Hennessy. Shortly after, she meets with her friends whom all have a night out of vibes and relaxation.

“Actually, I wanted the video to be as chill as my debut album “Hennessy”. The album is a very smooth album with a little bite, just like the drink,” Monet continued. “I wanted the video to showcase me and my style . I’m a very chill person, but I’m also a little edgy, which I consider that my “bite”.”

Monet hopes to spearhead the new style of music by creating music therapy for listeners as the album makes a very relaxed, hypnotic state of mind. The album provides a different approach to love and life, giving nostalgic feelings of old R&B with music’s new sounds and rhythmic patterns of today.

Her debut EP is set to release at the beginning of the new year, and it will have old soul with a modern twist. You can catch Tiara’s current single Hennessy produced by Decapo is on all streaming services.