BALTIMORE, MD | JULY 13TH, 2018 – Fun, nostalgic, and summery, Baltimore alt pop/rock band Thunder Club are perfectly in tune with the time of year on their brand new EP “Summer Vice,” out TODAY. The lead single off the record, titled “Go Ahead,” is the perfect representation of the band’s artistry, filled out with warm, glossy guitars and catchy bass-and-drum verses. The band balances both stripped down indie pop writing and hook-laden guitar parts, all laced together with a nostalgia sure to get listeners off their feet. Perhaps the most adventurous track out of the collection, “Hot Words” demonstrates a more complex sonic landscape, as well as their individual instrumentation skills. The band most recently previewed the EP’s new material at LAUNCH Music Conference. About the EP, Thunder Club states:

“Thematically, Summer Vice is about giving a big middle finger to the forces in life pressuring us not to enjoy the moment. The lyrics respond to the pressures and anxieties associated with everyday life by celebrating the moments that make us feel youthful and alive. Musically, Summer Vice follows the same theme by expanding on our style present on our first EP. While writing the songs, we set out to write songs for us, without worrying about outside expectations, and for the tracks to be written as naturally as possible. We really believe in the EP’s message and vibe, and this live-in-the-moment attitude comes through in our live shows, which have a reputation for being incredibly fun and energetic.”

Following the release of their acclaimed self-titled EP, Thunder Club exploded onto the Baltimore music scene after winning a local Battle of the Bands competition to perform at Towson University’s spring festival, and quickly gained a loyal fan base in their native city with a reputation for electrifying live performances. Thunder Club was then nominated for WTMD’s “Best New Artist”, and had their hit track “Racer” featured on the Charm City Sampler, a compilation of the year’s best Baltimore acts. In addition, they were guests on the popular podcast “Live from the Studio,” where they showcased their youthful spirit and musical chops. Thunder Club has since brought their high-energy show to Lancaster, Pennsylvania where the band was featured in Long’s Park Summer Series and the nationally recognized LAUNCH Music Conference. “Summer Vice” is out NOW.