Photo Credit: Rob Haberman

Cincinnati-based trap metalcore quintet The World I Knew are back with their distinct and unapologetic sound in the form of the new single “Hypenation.” The turbulent track is a flex on the band’s fair-weather fans as vocalist Wesley Merritt raps and growls over a lo-fi beat, heavy riffs and galloping kick drums.

It’s a f*ck you to everyone who doesn’t support us and a last call for anyone who still wants to because we don’t do that bandwagon shit,” says vocalist Wesley Merritt.

Directed by Vince Lundi, “Hypenation” follows-up the band’s last single “Piecefull.

The World I Knew have been striving to create music without boundaries or limitations since their formation in 2014 and the release of their debut single “F*ck a 9-5.” The group’s uncanny ability to seamlessly engage with audiences across the punk/metal/rap/rock scene makes them an attractive group to follow in 2019.

Listen to “Hypenation” now on Spotify.

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