The Ready Set returns today with the unveiling of his ‘V2’ EP. 2018 has already been a year of high notes for indie-electro outlet The Ready Set. He kicked off the year releasing his much-praised ‘V1’ EP before reviving his side project NEKOKAT – a collaboration between himself, Cameron Walker and Jess Bowen (The Summer Set) – and releasing an EP titled Pleasure Beach. Showing no signs of slowing down, The Ready Set’s ‘V2’ EP is another round of seven infectious and intoxicating indie-electro hits that are sure to please fans both new and old.

The Ready Set announced the ‘V2’ EP at the end of July with the unveiling of the first single, “Stitch,” which premiered on Just Jared. Ahead of the EP, The Ready Set has also teased out two additional singles, “Black Magic (feat. Call Me Karizma)” – which premiered on xKito Music) – and “Blood Red” – which premiered on EARMILK. The EP includes four additional songs, “Hanami,” “Taking Pictures,” “16 Sundays” and “The Witching Hour.”

The brainchild of Jordan Witzigreuter, The Ready Set is a project that got its start back in 2007. Best known for his commercially successful hit “Love Like Woe,” Jordan quickly became a heartthrob to the teens of the late 00s, hitting the Warped Tour route and succinctly bringing emo and pop together. The Ready Set released 4 studio albums through Pete Wentz’s label Decaydance Records before taking a small hiatus to produce and write for other acts. The Ready Set returned at the top of 2018 with his ‘V1’ EP and today he returns with his ‘V2’ EP. A new era of The Ready Set is fully underway.