Indie-electro act The Ready Set reveals the official lyric video for “Black Magic.” The Ready Set teamed up with Minneapolis-based alternative rapper Call Me Karizma for “Black Magic” and it was included on The Ready Set’s recent EP ‘V2,” released earlier this month.

In conversation with Atwood Magazine, who premiered the lyric video yesterday, The Ready Set explained that “Black Magic” was originally written a few years ago and was going to be pitched to another artist. However, once he started putting together ‘V2,’ he realized “it was sort of a missing piece the EP needed.” Explaining how Call Me Karizma ended up on the track, The Ready Set continues, “I hit up my friend Call Me Karizma, who I’ve done a bunch of production work with, he tracked a second verse and sent it over, and that’s pretty much it. I loved what he did with it; I actually never had a second verse written in the original version, so he saved the day in that sense.”

The brainchild of Jordan Witzigreuter, The Ready Set is a project that got its start back in 2007. Best known for his commercially successful hit “Love Like Woe,” Jordan quickly became a heartthrob to the teens of the late 00s, hitting the Warped Tour route and succinctly bringing emo and pop together. The Ready Set released 4 studio albums through Pete Wentz’s label Decaydance Records before taking a small hiatus to produce and write for other acts. The Ready Set returned at the top of 2018 with his ‘V1’ EP, which was followed by the ‘V2’ EP this past month. The new era of The Ready Set is fully underway.