Review by Emily Smith

Brothers Rederic and Rome of the music duo The Keymakers have a new track out titled “Burning Me Up,” a new type of sound from the musicians. Currently residing in Boston, Rederic and Rome have been refining the sound of this track, adding in elements of electronic music and infusing what they describe as a more “urban vibe” into it. The result is a wonderfully magnetic mix of pop, R&B, and electronic music.

The intimacy of the track is immediately set with the vocals that come through in the beginning with the lyrics, “There’s just something about you…” The vocals are a highlight throughout most of the track, as they complement the captivating vibe of the song while also going in different directions musically. “This song had me experimenting with my voice a little more than I have in the past – taking it to different places and bringing out some different tones” Rome explains.

A striking feature of this track is how steadily it builds up over time. The instrumentation features a shimmery guitar in the very beginning, eventually introducing a throbbing beat that further carries the track. This all builds to the chorus, which brings on this wave of electronic instrumentation that is laced with all sorts of instrumental embellishments before the beat drops. The beat drop is a bit chaotic but overall contained as to not detract from the overall vibe of the song. It transitions nicely back to the spacey instrumentation of the verses after each of the choruses in the song.

“This beat was really a blast to make from start to finish, I remember searching through old projects one night a few months when I found a melody I wrote between classes one day. I showed it to Rome when we were back in the studio and it didn’t take long for us to build the melody into a vibe we felt really good about,” says Rederic.

This attention to detail makes it easy to see the amount of thought that the duo put into the sound of the song. “We were able to take out time with the track and coalesce on a vibe we felt really good about,” says Rederic. Before, the duo had to send music back and forth to each other from different locations. Now that they are able to work in a studio, they are able to craft a sound that is sure to impress.

The lyrics detail a real instance of longing for another person who’s capturing the attention of everyone in the room. “When writing the lyrics we tried to capture with the track that feeling of wanting something so bad that it hurts. It’s all about that tension – that intense desire – that’s really something,” comments Rome. Both the steady build-up to the chorus and the lyrics that toy with themes of burning desire that’s “hot like a flame” as described in the chorus of the song.

“Burning Me Up” is an entrancing single that is sure to be played on repeat and liven up the day.

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