Synesthete (pronounced sin-is-theet) is the electronic project of Upstate New York musician Dan Dellecese. A blend of modern electronic synthpop and 80’s retro synthwave, Synesthete takes inspiration from a wide array of artists such as Tycho, Depeche Mode, Com Truise, CHVRCHES, Goldroom, M83, and many more, as well as the audio/visual synesthesia experience as a real-life synesthete.

His debut EP, This Space Is Statically Assigned released on August 1, 2017 and was promoted by the upbeat and summery “Weekender”, followed by the second single “Highrise”.

Synesthete latest release called “Eclipse” is a collaboration with vocalist Christina Rotondo. The song was officially released in February 2018 and gives off a very cosmic-esc and space-like feeling that’s bound to capture attention of anyone interested in electro-fused music. Listen to “Eclipse” here.

Today, Synesthete can be found remixing tracks for other artists as he continues writing his first full-length LP in 2018.

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