Toronto musician Sylo Nozra has recently dropped his latest single “Try Again.” This alternative R&B/pop tune encapsulates the kind of emotion and desperation that comes with asking for a second chance from a loved one. The amount of soul that Nozra puts into this track really elevates the song and effectively relays the kind of struggle he is going through at the moment.

The track begins with fading keyboards before they are eventually joined by the vocals and a beat. The instrumentation is overall very rhythmic and has a strong focus on the beat, though other parts, like the chorus, do offer more electronic instrumentation.

The song really relies on Nozra’s melodic vocals to carry the track, which is undoubtedly the best aspect of the song. Nozra has a good melodic sense that translates in his vocals, and is the main reason why the song is so appealing to the ears. Nozra also knows how to build up the emotion in his vocals. His performance on this track is soulful and passionate, fitting in beautifully with the tone of the song. He also makes good use of different effects on his voice to enhance his performance.

As Nozra sings about knowing he did something wrong and wanting a second chance, the listener can hear the longing and frustration in his vocal performance and his lyrics. For instance, this is especially obvious when he sings lyrics like “Hit you on your phone/ Won’t you just pick up? / I know you’re home/ These roses are wilting/ And it’s late ‘cause it’s half past when/ Baby, can I come in?” which highlight how agonizing the wait is for him to talk to his loved one. Throughout the chorus the listener can get a sense of his willingness to make it up to this person, as he sings “Can we start new?” and “Can’t we try again?”

The bridge of this song also shows Nozra’s vocal abilities. He dips into his upper register as he sings, “I know what you want from me/ Not hard to understand.” The bridge also plays up the intensity of the song with his vocals and a build-up of swelling instrumentation before the closing.

At the end of the track, Nozra expresses his sense of hope when imagining himself making up with this person, as the final lyrics of the track are “We’ll kiss and make up/ And I know we’re on solid ground,” which also implies that similar conflicts have happened before. With this lyric, the track ends on an optimistic note.

Sylo Nozra succeeds in creating a soulful track that especially showcases his vocal talent and emotional sense. It’s a performance that definitely deserves attention and radio play.

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