Swimming With Bears, a four-piece “Pop N Roll” band based out of Austin, has just released their newest single “Keep Smiling.” “Keep Smiling” is one of the five songs off their forthcoming EP (out September 13) and is the second single to be released!

“This is the one that is as close as it gets to the heart of the band. Right before we made this EP, we were still slinging refried beans as waiters in this Mexican Restaurant.”

– Joe Perry, lead singer of Swimming With Bears

“Keep Smiling” has addicting guitar riffs paired with catchy drum beats. It’s one of those songs that you just can’t help but tap your foot to the track. But, don’t let the beat fool you, there is an underlying meaning of “truth and escapism,” something that the band focuses on heavily throughout their next EP. With this new music, Swimming with Bears created a new genre they like to call ”Pop N Roll;” a little bit of indie rock, a touch of pop, but always a good time.

“We wanted the song to have this party feel with the upbeat tempo and catchy chorus, but the real meaning behind it is about not giving up, being brave and doing the hard work to make your dreams come true.”

– Joe Perry

To help support their upcoming EP, the band will be touring and promoting locally. You can find their tour dates below.

  • September 12 – Houston, TX – White Oak Music Hall (upstairs)
  • September 15 – Corpus, TX – House of Rock
  • September 15 – Austin, TX – Stubb’s Jr

All tickets are available at http://swimmingwithbears.com.

Listen via Spotify below or on all platforms here.

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