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Aluna George, Everything But the Girl, Goldfrapp, and Phantogram are a handful of the Electronic genre charged group duos that have mesmerically graced our earlobes. If not in that same like grandiose grazed style, while perhaps a bit more reverberated live band fashion, SWELLS’ latest Indie Pop release, “Lights Out” allocates an impassioned aural edge of Indie Pop and Electronic synergy. So much so that the first take of my sonic impressions of it began reminiscent of the aforementioned bands, but they later evolved into a listen unlike anything I’ve heard lately.

SWELLS is an Austin, TX based duo notably composed of singer Taylor Baker and guitar player Drew Walker. Both Baker and Walker have been touring and recording since around 2016 when they released their first EP, Tides. Tides amassed over 2 million streams on iTunes and Spotify. Mentioned as a mesh of Alabama Shakes and Glass Animals, SWELLS is most well known for their hypnotic and reverberated fusion of acoustics and Baker’s smelting vocals. SWELLS has quite an extensive assortment of songs to sojourn through.

“‘Lights Out’ was inspired by wanting to rewrite wrongs and to call someone out on their bullshit; it’s about standing up for your truth & not backing down. Mobley also co-wrote and co-produced the tune with us,” says SWELLS.

“Lights Out” initially intrigues almost atmospherically as violins wisp against Taylor Baker’s vocals, while invitingly voicing, “A coldest fire and the tamest sea, / you swallowed me whole and you set me free.” The chorus of “Lights Out” commandingly while comfortingly charges in with, “I won’t wait until the lights out, / cold life flowing through my veins oh. / So, can’t stop running out of time now, / I’m so ready for the take down.” Taylor’s articulated truth and Baker’s production on “Lights Out” showcases passion on a level 10 to a listening level that constructively encompasses cholerically lit love. “Lights Out” truly is a masterpiece of songwriting of acoustic angled production. 

SWELLS’ Indie Pop Single release, “Lights Out” if intended or not, is a sound indicator of the strength of their next highly anticipated EP, or maybe even LP. Anytime a band can deliver a new and improved version of a highly coveted sound, you have to tip your proverbial hats off to them. Still, that’s truly the tip of the iceberg tailoring the in popularized eccentricity seething from the sonic power of SWELLS’ efforts and expressions on “Lights Out.” The reality is that SWELLS has found a way to establish such a unique sound that showcases knowledge, hard-work, and innovation. Lights out or not, the greatness that surrounds SWELLS and their latest Indie Pop release, “Lights Out” is enormous and made to be both seen and heard. With their originality, SWELLS visibly shines in a lane all their own.

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