Suki Waterhouse has released a brand new track, “Coolest Place In The World” which comes with an elegant video, shot entirely on Super8 and 16mm film, and directed by Sophia Malamute.

Watch “Coolest Place In The World ” HERE

Already established in the worlds of fashion and movies, Suki Waterhouse’s natural gift for music has been increasingly apparent to those following her progress since her first offering in 2016. Previous singles “Brutally,” “Good Looking” and “Valentine” drew comparisons to the Paisley Underground sound of Mazzy Star and to the 60s influenced girl group reimaginings of bands like Stockholm’s The Concretes and Glasgow’s Camera Obscura. 

With “Coolest Place In The World” the London-based singer/songwriter ventures into fresh terrain, switching back to delicate keyboard from the acoustic guitar of last year’s “Valentine,” and delivering her most stark and beautiful vocals to date. The song’s an achingly lovelorn letter to an absent lover and she repeats its vulnerable refrain – “humans fuck up” – with melodic melancholy. An affecting pop bijou, Waterhouse conveys everything she needs to with masterful brevity in just two and a half minutes. 

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