Having spent the last few weeks chasing down the next city in their van by day, then dropping a psych-bomb upon the pit by night, Strawberry Mountain have been loving every minute of sharing their sound with the Western part of the country. And they aren’t done. Their newest single “Double Summits” was inspired by time on the road, chiefly the mystic roads that bring their motherland of Washington together. Listen to the new track here while getting ready to see them come to a town near you (*spring tour announcement coming soon*).

More on Strawberry Mountain:
Strawberry Mountain’s wild ethos is best embodied by the very real people who compose of the band. A band of outsider musicians, artists and friends, the self-described DIY futurepop collective makes you nostalgic for a time that’s yet to occur. The brilliance of Strawberry Mountain is birthed from an ingenious combination of surprising wisdom and innocuous inquiry. This explorative approach combined with a meteoric sonic sound defines the energy that Strawberry Mountain brings to every audience they encounter.