‘Spiritual Love’ is the latest single from Bret Sears, a musician out of Baltimore, Maryland and we feel that this is just the beginning of a strong and successful solo career.

‘Spiritual Love’ is an empowering anthem for anyone looking to boost their self-confidence just by loving and understanding themselves. “It’s about taking off the chains of insecurity, loving your hardest, and feeling your greatest. Everyone deserves to feel confident and desirable, to be able to express their sexuality…” says Bret.

There are two sides to Bret Sears’ music. On one end, he’s currently working with a producer in DC on really awesome productions that are more Dance Pop and EDM known as ‘The Casual Encounter Project.’ “We usually construct our songs in a very mainstream way, so a lot of feelings, thoughts and creative artistry gets lost in the process,” Bret says.

On the other end, Sears is experimenting with some solo music like ‘Spiritual Love’ that we think will be the next big hit to sneak on the charts. “Sometimes you need to have that platform for yourself in order to keep that creativity going and to continue to push that envelope of self-identity to find out who you are as an artist” Bret continues, “I learn, I grow, evolve and then I can contribute my growth to my band later.

As for the future of Bret’s solo career, you can expect to vibe to music that is Liam Payne, Hailee Steinfeld, Demi Lovato, and Tory Lanez inspired. “I like to be experiential,” Bret says,”…I’m dabbling into a lot of EDM with my producer Raivis, and I’m always looking to create material that is constructed along the lines of a hit song.”

The soul of Bret’s music thrives on love, be it good or bad and often gives off a very pop-esc vibe that lands on both ends of the spectrum; Boisterous like Justin Timberlake all the way down to darker and more melancholy tones like Tove Lo.

Check Out Bret Sear’s Latest Single ‘Spiritual Love’ Today!

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