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Who else out there is a Taylor Swift fan? Of course, she’s caught hella flack for seemingly a myriad of reasons (that I check off as just being eccentric), but she also surrenders listeners amid sky-lit sound vocals, savvy songwriting strength, and a saccharine sweet southern essence that born romantics like me find undeniably adoring. All of the aforementioned sonoric elements are turned up on display on Sophia Angeles new Pop Single, “Anybody Else.”

Like other female singing sensations such as Michelle Branch and Jordin Sparks, Sophia Angeles was born in Arizona, but it’s safe to say she chose to rise creatively in the Music City. She began writing music around the age of five and now at a fortitudinous and fuller grown twenty-one, it was easy to see how her first single release, “Interested” received over 2 million views on Youtube. Studying and playing music at a young age set Sophia up with the confidence at nineteen to develop her craft further by way of venturing to Nashville, Tennessee on her own.

Sophia initially lets us in on “Anybody Else” by way of audacious admittance of unaccounted for love by singing, “It’s been two months, and I’ve been missing you like crazy. / Yeah, this distance has been getting to me lately…”. She goes on further to say, “My heart is wherever you are.” She’s rounds it all off during the chorus as she sings, “I’d rather be alone than with someone new, / cause I don’t want anybody else but you.”  There’s no gimmicks in her writing or singing, yet it definitely gets her feeling about love across. 

Lyrically, Sophia Angeles’s single release, “Anybody Else” is in many ways a classic ‘missing you’ Pop style structure and I genuinely feel like it’s always refreshing to get back to the roots of Pop amid so many new diversions of it. 

There’s Pop, Alternative Pop, Alternative R&B, Pop Wave, and even Synth Pop, and I palpably appreciate such genres into my musical library on a consistent basis. Still, it’s the appreciation and sincere regard for the true essence of anything that will foster its further upliftment over time. This is what shows up in Sophia Angeles’s “Anybody Else.” It’s laid back, not too flashy, but it definitely illustrates what we love about Pop in a simplistic yet illustrious fashion. I hope Sophia’s fans and hopefully all fans of Pop will find what I found in “Anybody Else”; the new innumerable echelons of Pop are pretty much depending on it.

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