Review by Emily Smith

In his latest single “Terms & Conditions,” Sky James explores his feelings towards an old love interest that has made their way back into his life. This is a track that unveils the unfairness and hypocrisy that was present in the last relationship in a way that fully enthralls the listener.

The track starts with a foot-tapping drumbeat before the cool, groove-filled bass, keyboards, and guitar pop in. The groove from the bass continues throughout the track, which keeps the listener intrigued. The sound is also nicely infused with a little bit of soul and R&B. There is a nice balance between the instruments since the guitar and drums cut through the thick layer of bass. This balance is due to the production by Dom Luis, and it is certainly a highlight of the track. Overall the instrumentation and production provide a nice structure.

The lyrics and meaning of the song are some of the most captivating parts of the track. It all starts off with James meeting a past significant other who just came back into town after a while of not seeing her represented in the lyrics, “Yo, I ain’t seen you in a long time/ How you been?” The exchange stays kind until he says, “I’m glad that you not doing bad/ Mad that you being low,” since she didn’t even mention to him that she’d be in the area. Throughout the first verse, he’s basically trying to figure out why she did certain things in the past. “I ain’t stop you to fight,” he explains, “…just trying to understand the things you do/ So humor me.”

During the rest of the track, he essentially tries to pick apart this girl’s actions and understand her way of thinking in a way that also points out how flawed it is. From the beginning of the chorus, James really showcases this with lyrics, “So you love me so much that you don’t wanna be my friend?/ So you love me so much that you don’t wanna see me win?” Frustrated, he raps in a way that sounds like his thoughts are racing through his head: “I don’t get it/ I don’t get it/ Maybe I’m different/ Maybe we’re different.” The relationship seemed to be one where James did more for the girl than she did for him. “All I ever did was lifted you up,” he expresses, signifying the mismatch in support he experienced. He also brings up things she’s said and done in the past, trying to make sense of everything, but ultimately coming up short.

Sky James’ latest single provides an observant look at an unfulfilling past relationship. Many listeners will relate to the frustration of this kind of relationship and appreciate the spot-on delivery of his side of the story. 

“Terms And Conditions is petty and one-sided like most breakups. It’s groovy subjectivity,” comments Sky James.

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