Beckoning in with a low sci-fi-esque hum, the title track to SHE PAST AWAY’s U.S. debut DISKO ANKSIYETE (released on May 31, 2019 via Metropolis Records) ruptures with sprawling 80’s new wave / post punk energy. Magnetic Magazine calls the track, “a modern take on the sound they’ve worked so hard to create and perfectly demonstrates how to evolve without losing your core.”

The accompanying video for “Disko Anksiyete” [OUT TODAY] follows two friends on a retro, trance-like journey from train station, to record store, to the band’s dazzling neon lite and fog drenched show inside the Disko Anksiyete club.

Revealing the haunting inspiration for the track, band memberDoruk Ozturkcan explains, “[When] Protagonists enter the club they eventually become one of the trapped souls inside.”Translated as “Disco Anxiety”, it’s a song about “that awkward dance floor experience,” explains Volkan Caner of the duo.  (Lyrics: “Kick in my heart (kick is the drum) / My soul is pierced / I am numb all over / My body trembling / I surrender / Shapeless shadows / Dance around me / Disco anxiety”).

View the official music video for “Disko Anksiyete” here.

Originally hailing from the city of Bursa, Turkey then Istanbul, and are currently living in Athens/Barcelona, the duo of Volkan Caner (a uniquely gifted musician) and Doruk Ozturkcan (a charismatic and talented producer) will be heading over to the U.S. in July on a mountain of buzz. With three of their seven Stateside shows sold out far in advance (tour dates below), it seems like She Past Away is riding the next Post-Punk wave.

Forgoing the simplicity and traditionalism of standard issue dark rock and adopting a more avant-garde sort of sensibility, the duo channel their Post-Punk and early 80s Cold Wave influences to concoct a new take on modern gloom coupled with an exotic Turkish twist. Lyrically sung in their native tongue, they create an otherworldly swirl of minor chords and midnight dance beats that is undeniably primal.

“The only language that you really ‘feel’ is your mother tongue,” Doruk explains. “We believe that we definitely better express all the difficulties of the daily life in Turkish.” Transcending language and borders, the feeling of solitude and isolation permeates throughout the album. DISKO ANKSIYETE is an exploration of the dark and mysterious soul, where the strange accidents of fate find through these songs their way to our hearts and to the dance-floor.