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There’s a lot we should be able to do within the guidelines of Hip-Pop music, yet most of what we’re attuned to is whatever Billboard, streaming spotlights, or perhaps even the radio suggests for us. With so many varieties in geography, cultural backgrounds, and ultimately who we all are as people, there’s got to be an array of perspectives from the tunes we’re influenced by.

Imagine how cool it’d be to listen to a record that taps into areas that you often think about, yet no one ever takes the initiative to craft into songs. That’s how it felt when taking in Scotty Sire’s latest Alternative Hip-Pop Single release, “Notice Me” for the first time.  

Since about 2017, Scotty Sire, the Viner morphed YouTube star has been dropping tunes that therapeutically mash-up Hip-Hop into Alternative Pop. He inked a deal with a prominent social media influencer network before releasing music, but you get the vibe from his craft, that he was n’t 100% satisfied with the waves he was making as a well-known net personality. Scotty grew up in the OC section of Southern California, and you can sense some of the West Coast ingenuity within his music.

In addition to him always putting his best foot forward, he is not just as a digital star, but also skilled behind the mic. He credits his own credibility as a musician to not fitting in, feeling awkward, and ultimately being his own truth teller. Scotty Sire’s searing hot Alternative Hip-Pop accolades to awkwardness can be streamed on Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube Music. 

“Notice Me” begins out of almost nowhere as the 50’s or 60’s Jazz sample it uses catches ya a tad off guard, like a good a trap track should. Right as you’re trying to figure out what’s going to happen sonically, Scotty goes in lyrically with an openness that forces it to be embraced poignantly. With not so much of a newness in thought, but more of a break from the usual in what we’re brought via Pop music, Scotty introspectively weighs in with, “My whole life, I focused on not being noticed, / and now it kinda sucks that I’m nobody’s main focus… / I was devoted to sitting in the back of the class, never raising my hand, / not wanting to be seen or spoken to is (now) biting me in the a**…./ Won’t you notice me? Please I just want to be seen…” 

Lyrically, “Notice Me” is comprised within the self-imposed walls we conceive, as well as those downward spirals that even they weave. When you couple that with professionally savvy Hip-Pop production, you’ve likely got a winning track to vibe to. 

I’ll say it. Scotty Sire and his latest Alternative Hip-Pop Single release, “Notice Me” is nice. I’m meaning nice, like it’s fire! Consider trying to heal an ailing ankle, and the Ace wraps you’re buying from the corner store just isn’t cutting it. What do you do? You try out other methods for effectiveness. That’s kinda what’s gotta happen in popular genres like Rap and Pop. The typical social standards that Pop culture ensues on society may help us to deal with the pressures of depression, social anxiety, and the hosts of other inner issues that plague our outward perspectives, but do they really help us heal from them? I’m not sure, but I do know I got an inspirational itch after listening to Scotty’s “Notice Me.”

If someone with millions of followers, a media deal, and an affluent lock on what it takes to wind influential waves in the waters of social media, express angsts regarding social anxieties, then there are likely others who are also dealing with the same kind of pressures. Sire’s latest single is in no way a diagnosis for social anxiety, but it is a brilliant display of how art and society can intersect positively. “Notice Me” indeed deserves the notoriety it should get as a lit Summer hit, and hopefully it will inspire others to take progressive notice of how we can set new boundaries within the genres of Alternative, Pop, and Hip-Hop.

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