SASCHA is a Swedish multi talented artist that currently lives in Michigan (USA) where she goes to College. Besides that she works full time on her very popular Youtube channel with over 400 000 followers and her Instagram account with 250 000 + followers.

SASCHA got famous in Sweden in early age and have since then built her brand even bigger for every year, and have now fans all over the world. This year SASCHA also took the opportunity to do what she always dreamed of, to be a singing artist. On the edm/pop track ”Weightless” with house artist Vinil, Sascha did a feature. 

After that track, the ball was rolling, and she have been working on her own material in the studio the whole summer. SASCHA is now ready to show the world what she have been working on!

GTFO was the first track out and it have a pretty clear message, SASCHA is a confident artist and is here to stay!

The second track out is 2 AM and is in regard to a pretty different topic. 2 AM is about a relationship that is very destructive and often only take place at late hours.

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