Listen to “The Yacht Song” HERE

The Yacht Song is a “clap-back” song with a twist. Instead of speaking negatively about others, it is a boost to one’s self. 

The chorus incorporates the scenarios of having a yacht, a show, and a top-charting song. These are all typical stepping stones in a successful artist’s career (ok, maybe not the yacht.) Being a small artist, people often doubt your potential. This song is an ode to proving those people wrong and them wishing they believed in you from the start.

But this song goes beyond the music industry and beyond entertainment. We all have people who doubt us. Instead of being set back by their doubts, Cannon promotes the idea of using that energy to fuel the listener into becoming something better.

The song released on July 3 and the music video on July 6. Now it has reached 19k on Spotify and achieved 2k views on Youtube in a weeks time. 

Sadie grew up in a small city in Florida where football on Friday nights was the biggest thing in town. Even though many identified Cannon as a jock in high school, her heart was with music.

After high school, she was determined to make her mark in the music industry. This drive took her to Nashville for two years where she honed in on songwriting, and then to LA where she is now releasing music as a bold yet charming rose gold gal. With Cannon’s music, you can expect lyrical freedom, catchy pop hooks, and deep female vocals.

The whole mantra behind Cannon’s music is to believe in the power of YOU, and love the skin you’re in. This is mentality is steered by Cannon’s past of bullies body-shaming her and poking fun at her creative expression. Regardless, she still continues to chase her passion and have faith that her explosive energy and ambition will guide her to her dreams.