For some reason she reminds me of Rihanna. I think it is the amount of soul she puts into every song or the swag. Yeah, maybe it is the swag. The way she saunters around the stage, it’s sexy to say the least.

On Saturday, she was decked in all black. Just like during Weekend 1, she sported a near see through outfit. Her style is dark, but it has a certain femininity about it that’s intriguing and it mimics her music well; showing vulnerability, but bits and pieces still hidden away.

She doesn’t put out the type of music that belongs in a club, think more bedroom vibes or picture that moment where you’re the most vulnerable and then press play on Sabrina Claudio. She’s only 22, but her songs give off that “old soul” feel.

Her sound, her lyrics, her vibe, it’s meant to be absorbed. Her voice has a way about it that makes you want to sway and just enjoy the moment. She made us feel how we were supposed to feel when she sang “Orion’s Belt” and took sexy to another level during “All Into You.”

Just like during Weekend 1, she tells the crowd she is working on new music, then goes on to sing an unreleased song called “Take One To The Head.” She then changes up the pace with “Frozen.”

“Sing with me Coachella…” she says as she points to the crowd, stealing back the spotlight quickly and taking the song home with a beautiful falsetto.

“This is my first ever Coachella performance, I’m so honored to be here,” she says before exiting the stage and continues with “I pray that not only here, but everyday, you are taking care of yourself mentally.”

As an up and coming musician, performing at Coachella has proven to be quite the accomplishment. In a recent instagram post the singer commented, “Last year I actually cried when my name wasn’t on the Coachella flyer…” and continues with, “I learned to trust my timing and in doing that, ya girl made it onto the mainstage this year.”

Be sure to check out Sabrina Claudio’s music here, you won’t be disappointed!

Written by Ashley Friedman