London-based quartet Rushmore have unveiled their debut single, “Home to Me,” the title track from their debut EP.

An innovative blend of Neo-soul melodies, unsettling poetry and jangling guitar-scapes, this first taste of the forthcoming release tears through themes of loss, mental disintegration with a nostalgic flourish.

Named after the road in Clapton where Alice Davies (vocals) and Chrissy Samuel (guitarist and songwriter) met, Rushmore are very much indebted to those who have come before them, with lush harmonies, chorus soaked guitars and horn solos aplenty. But there’s a tense idiosyncrasy in Chrissy’s poetry that’ll stay with you and leave the words writhing on your mind for days to come.

The first cut, “Home to Me,” explores the impact of mental health on relationships, and how our inner battles and secret lives isolate us.

‘The track is an honest reflection on loneliness in various forms,” says Chrissy, “but we always make sure the groove of the track provides a sexy counterpoint to a ‘woe is me!’ vocal’.” A majestic flugelhorn solo – courtesy of Nomad Soul mastermind Henry Lawry – launches the track into epic highs, and together with Davies’ soaring, emotive vocal ensures the song’s status as a morose modern classic.

The striking collision of classic songcraft and atmospheric Lynchian flourish continues throughout “Don’t it Show?” and “Look at Me,” a bold concoction of a wide range of influences.

“We don’t balk at combining sounds you wouldn’t expect,” says Chrissy, “you can hear some 80s synths, a Randy Newman-esque chord change here and there, and the odd Raymond Carver inspired verse. We relish the left turns.”

Rushmore are the sound of London and may just be your new favourite band.