Over the past week, we’ve held our first Instagram contest where up and coming musicians share their story of how they got started in music with the tag #thestorybehindmymusic. Throughout the month of September, a new artist is featured every week on the front page of the site and sent a free Elicit Magazine goodie bag! Follow us on Instagram for more details.

We’re proud to announce this week’s winner, Rose Cora Perry, out of London, Canada! Rose Cora Perry had this to say about #thestorybehindhermusic…

I had been studying classical music for a number of years with the intention of pursuing a career on Broadway. One summer – in my early teens – I was performing a song from the musical “Phantom of the Opera” at a local talent show when I was approached by another female who was learning to play guitar. With some arm twisting and the recruiting of two mutual friends who were committed to learning to play bass and drums for the sake of the project, I found myself the frontwoman of an all female rock band and founder of my own record label (for the purpose of releasing our debut) at 15. A huge departure from my training, it was liberating to focus my vocal delivery on attitude and emotion rather than just “dynamics”. It wasn’t long after that I began to learn guitar and within six months of playing, I wrote my first album.

Check out the rest of Rose Cora Perry’s story here.

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