Los Angeles-based artist, songwriter and producer Robokid is back today with another captivating release, “Fishing Lessons.” Alongside the release, Robokid has dropped a playful tongue-in-cheek music video, available to watch here.

Robokid’s latest offering, “Fishing Lessons,” transcends genre boundaries, combining elements of pop, EDM and hip-hop. Balancing dark undertones with progressive beats, witty lyricism, and melancholy vocals, Robokid’s new release once again shows a keen desire to step out of the box as an all-around artist.

Hailing from Providence, Rhode Island and now LA-based, Ethan Budnick aka Robokid is a lifelong musician, heavily inspired by electronic, indie and pop music. Despite dabbling in music and songwriting in grade school, Ethan didn’t have aspirations to be a professional musician until he began experimenting with hip-hop and electronic production at the age of 17, making beats for his friends in high school to rap and sing over. In 2013 he connected with two fellow producers, AOBeats and Manilla Killa after posting a Lana Del Rey remix to Soundcloud. Over the next few years, the trio would end up founding the LA-based label and collective Moving Castle, home to artists such as Hotel Garuda, Sakima, Mark Johns and more.

2018 has already been a momentous year for Robokid, the producer-DJ-remixer turned singer-songwriter, with the release of his debut EP Aparta headlining slot at Broke LA Music & Arts Festival, and his recently announced opening slot for Opia at LA’s Moroccan Lounge on July 14th. In an age where the veil of privacy is thinning, Robokid is beginning to give an intimate look at his personal life and psyche on each new release.

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