(Los Angeles, California) Indie Artist Raspin Stuwart’s long-awaited CD NY2LA is finally available, and the title single track “NY2LA” doesn’t disappoint.  “NY2LA” is a smooth jazz bossa nova song that crosses over into pop. Listeners will find themselves singing along with the lyrics, complemented by the finger-snapping, smooth beat. It’s the perfect soundtrack to summer fun and life on the highway as you travel from NY2LA!

 “The title track NY2LA is sublime, smooth, intelligent and sexy”

Jacqueline Lademann (music blogger)

 “The Title track NY2LA from this album is quite simply stunning.”

Justin Nugent (review/writer)


Acoustic folk pop, jazz, R&B, sprinkled with a touch of gospel and reggae – there’s something for everyone on the 10 tracks of this amazing album.  Five years in the making, Raspin creates a style of his own borne out of a spontaneous energy that defines his stylized original vocal and performance trademark.

Lustful and daring, NY2LA, boasts a new pallet of work while revisiting his most powerful past collaborations. His music gives off a shattering reassurance that things really aren’t all the different from past times. Except they are!  Visit www.raspin.com for more information, and immerse yourself in a senses-shattering experience with NY2LA.