Oozing attitude and commanding attention, PSA’s new video for “Ghost” embodies the bombastic spirit of the rising pop star. Cheered on by her team, PSA lambasts a love gone sour with tongue-in-cheek flair. See more of PSA at the Debutante EP Release Show August 24th at Gold Bar, tickets available here.

More on PSA:
Native to the PNW, PSA embodies the creativity and freedom of DIY culture as well as the drive and ambition of a bonafide pop star. Living in an arts space, PSA literally eats, sleeps and breathes music, a full immersion that shines through in her music.

Her roster of pop bangers are expertly supplemented with hip hop influences, creating an all encompassing experience that forces you to surrender to the wall of euphoria crashing over you. See for yourself August 24th at the Debutante EP Release at Gold Bar.