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There are a slew of songstresses that have transformed Alternative and R&B/Soul stylings into some truly lit tunes. Amanda Stenberg, Charlotte Day Wilson, Halsey, and Nila are just some of the females voices that have garnered a following fusing the two aforementioned genres. While listening to these artists, you forget that genre is even a thing, and the listening experience morphs into a filtration of the singer’s craft and any underlying messages or meanings. These sentiments lingered in my inner ear while checking out the latest Alternative R&B/Soul Single, “3AM” by PRINS. 

PRINS is a Pop singer/songwriter, actor, model, and dancer from Auckland, New Zealand. While she credits her first ever memory of music to Elton John’s “Sacrifice” at the tender age of 3, her true journey into the arts began at age 5, learning and performing Jazz, Tap, & Hip-Hop dance. She spent her teenage years singing in choirs and joined her first band around 2015. Since then, she has spent the majority of her time in Christchurch, establishing herself creatively by way of releasing two tracks, “Tell Me” and “Oh Well.” PRINS’ music can be streamed on Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube Music. 

“3AM” dawns with its own acoustic alchemy accommodated by PRINS’ solemn-while-stirring soul chantings initiated by the uncertainty of love. The choruses lyrics, “I dance with myself until 3 in the morning, / to see me come alive, / Oh what a sight that would’ve been,” choral an anthem like attitude that assert a dance of emotions and decorate PRINS perceptive mashup of freedom and melancholy.

The bridge is by far the most beautiful part of “3AM”, as it says, “If I choose to go ahead and let you in, / into a world I’ll lose and surrender deep within, / cuz I pray that I belong here, I pray that I exist here, / and you take control of me, all of me,” resonate with the depth of PRINS’ writing and outlook as an artist. It all comprises an afflictive, bold, while expressive extension of seduction that’s just as alluring as it’s entertaining from the song’s beginning to end.

PRINS’s “3AM” feels both expected and necessary. If you look into her background as an artist, you’ll see that she wears a variety of creative hats. We expect and embrace that someone that talented to take on and channel hardships in winning fashion, and PRINS does this on “3am.” 

The thing I find refreshing about her is that she’s done this before on her previous releases, and she’ll probably do it again. Take away her modeling and acting aptitudes, and there’s still a very promising persona prevailing. No matter what time it is, take some of it, and peep the latest sounds from the princess of New Zealand Alternative R&B, PRINS.

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