Bronx singer, Billi Phene, releases her latest single, “Love Crimes,” an unapologetic song that touches on the aftermath of a breakup and the emotional self-sacrifice someone puts into a relationship.

The song starts with a slow rhythmic beat. In comes Billi’s sultry voice, the lyrics “luck run out like water, embrace me / treat me like a bad man’s daughter, embrace me…” do a good job of defining the feel of the song. Remorseless, Billi carries a badass attitude throughout the piece that anyone who’s been let down by someone they’ve loved.

“Love crimes is really a display of a breaking point for me. First I was in an emotional tug of war with my co-producer/writing partner. We were committed to the music so we fought through our breakup while writing an album…the frustration built into this sonic rage,” says Billi. “Secondly as an artist I was facing countless ‘no’s’ from people who could help my career, the gatekeepers so to speak. Those ‘no’s’ were mainly about my sound being too rock, or too different and they’d ask me to adjust my art to their liking.”

The chorus “I did it for us, did it for love, committed a crime, officer lock me up,” is relatable for anyone in a type of relationship where they feel like they need to change in order to make things work. The lyrics, “Prisoner, I’ll be your prisoner…” give off that vibe the most.

“Most of my creative real estate is outside the box. The norm is dreadfully boring. I refuse to play it safe at the risk of losing my truth.  At that point if  being true to myself and my heart is a crime then come lock me up,” says Billi.

Without further ado, we present to you”Love Crimes” by Billi Phene.

About Billi Phene

Bronx born singer and songwriter Billi Phene cuts to the core of her listener’s imagination. Phene first emerged onto the music scene as a backing vocalist for Rihanna, touring the world for over three years.

With influences ranging from David Bowie and Bjork to modern legends like Beyonce and Lady Gaga, to the grit of 80’s metal and 90’s grunge this natural-born performer has her sights set on the big stage .

Phene’s passion for songwriting is a balance of mystical, dangerous, and sometimes downright sexual lyrics, which unveil a sonic landscape with the power to conjure an undeniable response.

Her mystifying melodies, pop structure, R&B groove, and rock guitar infused spirit is the vehicle of her newest music project which blends her natural soulfulness, and rock n roll grit, slated to release Summer 2019.

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