“Spotlight,” out today (August 21) is the sensual new single from Parisian band Oracle Sisters.  Flange drenched guitar licks – straight out of a noire thriller- drive the song, which tells of the journey through the “world of the night.” Set in a world of Parisian drag queens, the women who fascinate the lonesome cowboys of the night, the video touches on the expression of rebirth through the dark smoke of feminine attraction.

“Spotlight” evokes the imagery of that bar you find yourself in at 3 A.M., with no recollection of getting there (“sticky tables, tattered suits” runs one of the falsetto verses). It also encapsulates perfectly the unique feeling of finding your muse within the crowd and locking eyes – “there is a stillness in your starethere is a wildness wondering there” – as they enter your “Spotlight.”

“The video takes this theme of the night world and transposes it from Edinburgh, where the idea was born, to Paris…where the exhibition of femininity in all its extreme manifestations evolves throughout the clip,” says the band.

“Spotlight” is the next single from their self-produced EP in collaboration with Grammy award winning Noah Georgeson (The Strokes). It follows the release of debut single “Always” which saw them included in NMEs Essential Artists for 2019 list. Since its release, the band have played various shows in Paris, including at the iconic La Cigale. Shows in the UK, France and Spain are to be expected later this year.

The Oracle Sisters (taking their name from the culture of biker gangs the world over), was formed by two long-time friends: Lewis Lazar and Christopher Willatt. Danish and Northern Irish respectively, they both grew up together in Brussels, writing and playing music.

They moved to New York and Edinburgh separately and reunited in Paris in 2017 where they began working on new songs, quickly creating a body of work that attracted a group of artists and musicians who helped support them with their first shows and releases. Soon they met Julia Johanssen who became their drummer, harmoniser and songwriter for the band in her own right. The Oracle Sisters are setting out to make the music of their dreams.

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